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Arts Disability Network of Manitoba

~ advancing accessible
arts in Manitoba


Gain an understanding of how disability informs and enriches an artist's creative expression, as well as brings new perspective to the world we share.

Arts Health Network Canada

The goal of Arts Health Network Canada (AHNC) is to bring arts and health activities into the mainstream of Canadian life so that all Canadians are able to engage in art for the health of it, as well as the joy of it.

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ADNM T-Shirts

Created by the Give T-Shirt Company, the ADNM shirts are an ode to the dream of complete artistic freedom for all. Art that is free of barriers, free of prejudice and preconceptions, and art that nurtures and celebrates the unique talents and perspective of those who learn to live and create differently.

Shirts are available through the ADNM Webstore. All proceeds go towards advancing accessible arts in Manitoba.

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Arts and Disability Network Manitoba

Alice Crawford's first Solo Art Show, "Wild Type!", showcasing unique typography art in different media.

Opening Reception
September 5, 2014
7:30 to 9:30 pm
Gallery Lacosse
169 Lilac Street, Winnipeg, MB

Show runs until September 17, 2014 ASL and wheelchair accessibility. Reception is free and open to the public

Debbie Patterson Nominated for The Siminovitch Prize for Theatrical Arts

Arts & Disability Network Manitoba is thrilled to nominate Debbie Patterson for the 2014 Siminovitch Prize.  

The Siminovitch Prize shines a spotlight on excellence and innovation in Canadian Theatre with an annual prize worth $100,000. This year’s prize goes to a playwright recognized as a leader in theatre and whose work is transformative and influential.

Patterson has shown herself unequaled with her powerful and unique work in Canada.  As a playwright, Patterson gives voice to those who feel isolated, stigmatized, and those who can’t socially engage.  Lately, Patterson has found much of her inspiration from her disability, which distinguishes her particular skills from that of her peers. Patterson has all of the experience one would expect of the winner of the Siminovitch award for Playwrights.  But she has something others don’t – the insight and ability to show the world what others don’t perceive, and what the audience wants to learn about.

...But Is It Art?

ADNM Board Member, Harry Paine and Chairperson, Susan Lamberd explore the meaning of Disability Art and the power that lies within the growing culture.
Multiple amputee Lisa Bufano performing on her signature orange Queen Anne table legs
Community News Commons

Kate Grisim

The Manitoba's Writer's Guild announces its Disability Project Writer-in-Residence, Kate Grisim.

As the MWG Disability Project’s first Writer-in-residence, Kate Grisim will be in the Manitoba Writers’ Guild offices working with writers who would like some general editing, commenting, or critiquing of their original work. The work doesn’t have to focus on experiences of marginalization, but that is what Kate’s expertise is. Kate will also be working on sending out her original work to journals for publication, and she will be able to offer advice to anyone else who is looking for potential places to get their work published. Kate will also be organizing and putting on at least one workshop at the end of her position, highlighting her work as well as anyone who has sought her help with editing.

Kate has her Bachelor of Arts in English in the Creative Writing stream from the University of Winnipeg, which she graduated from in 2009. She has currently just completed her first year of an interdisciplinary Masters program in disability studies at the University of Manitoba.

Kate’s blog - My Little Crippled Heart
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Art + Body: SEE ME HEAR

Art + Body: SEE ME HEAR was an amazing event! Thank you to all the talented artists who participated, all of those who attended and a special thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who made sure everything ran smoothly!

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