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Arts Disability Network of Manitoba

~ advancing accessible
arts in Manitoba


Gain an understanding of how disability informs and enriches an artist's creative expression, as well as brings new perspective to the world we share.

Arts Health Network Canada

The goal of Arts Health Network Canada (AHNC) is to bring arts and health activities into the mainstream of Canadian life so that all Canadians are able to engage in art for the health of it, as well as the joy of it.

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ADNM T-Shirts

Created by the Give T-Shirt Company, the ADNM shirts are an ode to the dream of complete artistic freedom for all. Art that is free of barriers, free of prejudice and preconceptions, and art that nurtures and celebrates the unique talents and perspective of those who learn to live and create differently.

Shirts are available through the ADNM Webstore. All proceeds go towards advancing accessible arts in Manitoba.

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Art + Body: SEE ME HEAR

Art + Body: SEE ME HEAR was an amazing event! Thank you to all the talented artists who participated, all of those who attended and a special thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who made sure everything ran smoothly!

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...But Is It Art?
ADNM Board Member, Harry Paine and Chairperson, Susan Lamberd explore the meaning of Disability Art and the power that lies within the growing culture.
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Arts and Disability Network Manitoba

Belly Up

by musician/activist Nomy Lamm

Nomy Lamm's performance of Belly Up at Sins Invalid 2011 at Theater Artaud in San Francisco. Words and music by Nomy Lamm. Video and editing by Ralph Dickinson. Direction by Patty Berne.

And Shall I Be Happy

Call for Submission
Deadline for submission June 1, 2015
Exhibition runs October 12-31, 2015
Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture seeks Canadian visual artists who live with a disability to apply to be part of the upcoming exhibition, And I Shall Be Happy. This curated exhibit will explore the theme And I Shall Be Happy from the perspective of artists who live with a disability. We hope our artists will use this theme to explore the pressure to be happy, even when times are hard. Many people with disabilities have to pretend they are happy in order to be "cured". And of course, many times people with disabilities are happy. We want to see images of happiness too. If we have mental health challenges, we must “be happy” to indicate we are cured, and if we have developmental disabilities, we must “be happy” while negotiating a world that excludes and belittles us.

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The Tallest Poppy
Residency Program

The Tallest Poppy Residency Program is a two-day artist residency curated by Synonym Art Consultation. For one weekend every month, a portion of The Tallest Poppy will become a makeshift studio for a new artist-in-residence, who will execute a site specific art project.

By inviting a professional artist to work creatively in a public space and to interact with patrons, this program aims to bridge the gap between maker and audience and to open a dialogue regarding the role of art and artists in the public sphere.

Synonym Art Consultation is currently accepting applications for The Tallest Poppy Residency Program for 2015.

Full Program Details

Thank you to everyone who took part in The Soapbox Series.

The event was a great success, and we are happy that we were able to help initiate conversation about accessibility in the arts and identify concrete needs within the community. Our overall goal is to spur tangible changes within the arts community. After the series, we feel that much closer to reaching this goal.

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